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Fiber Optic High Speed Internet Services

What is Fiber Optic High Speed Internet?

Fiber Optic communication is a method of transmitting information from one place to another by sending pulses of light through an optical fiber. These fibers are as thin as human hair and can easily carry digital information over long distances. Fiber optics are the fastest form of broadband technology available today and they offer commercial grade, symmetrical-type bandwidth that makes an excellent choice for businesses looking to optimize their performance.

Benefits of Fiber Optic Broadband

Transfer large amounts of data quickly – Fiber Optic internet is the fastest internet available and because of this you can transfer large amounts of data quickly and seamlessly. Symmetrical bandwidth allows for much longer transmission distances, and high signal rates at the speed of light

Reliable – Network is deployed in regional rings with each region capable of operating independently

Dedicated – Bandwidth is dedicated and not shared, meaning that customers have a private connection and won’t be negatively impacted by other user’s traffic

Secure – Fiber is the most secure network. Fiber-optic cables are made out of glass and if someone attempts to tap a cable, there is a high chance the glass will break. Additionally, electromagnetic signals are not radiated by fiber optic cables, meaning they do not transmit electricity. These features make data nearly impossible to be intercepted, leaving your information safe and secure.

PrimeLink’s Fiber Optic Build

In the spring of 1998, PrimeLink organized the construction of a fiber optic network from Albany, New York, to Montreal, Quebec. In 1999, fiber optics cable was installed through this important 240 mile corridor and the first “off ramp” was pulled to a regeneration site near PrimeLink headquarters at PARC. This $40,000,000 project represents the first network backbone of its kind in the Champlain Valley. With the development of this fiber optic line, the entire Champlain Valley will benefit from the unlimited reach of electronic communications. Companies seeking advanced telecommunication solutions to reach the world will take advantage of PrimeLink’s broadband capabilities.

As a regional telecommunications company, PrimeLink is directly involved with the local communities it serves on many levels and is committed to the growth and prosperity of the economy. PrimeLink has developed a local communications infrastructure that includes a build out of the fiber network throughout the greater Plattsburgh area, as well as 83 miles of fiber in Warren, Washington, and Saratoga Counties. This network will ensure that the North Country enjoys access to broadband technology for voice, data and video communication for many years to come…a major element in attracting and retaining strong and healthy business interests.


Security and Technology

Buried along the Canadian Pacific Railway, the conduit system is established in a remote and secure area. Safeguards are in place to allow for a quick response in the unlikely event of a problem. The line is meticulously maintained: easily accessible to PrimeLink, but carefully protected from the rest of the world.

Features of PrimeLink Fiber Optic Internet:

  • Dynamic or static IP address
  • Access to wireless internet
  • Professional on-site installation which is free in most cases
  • Live, Local Tech Support

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We installed PrimeLink in our Glens Falls Business Journal office. Service has been excellent! Now our uploads and downloads are much, much faster!

Harry Weinhagen, Publisher, Glens Falls Business Journal
Glens Falls, NY