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PrimeLink Has Offered Reliable Internet and Phone Services in Plattsburgh, Upstate NY and Beyond Since 1997

A 20 Year Old Company with over 110 Years of Experience

Since its inception in 1997, PrimeLink has grown to become a leader in providing voice and data services to our residential and business customers.

PrimeLink carved its niche in the North Country; specializing in business communication solutions and catering to delivering voice and data services to small and mid-size businesses.

PrimeLink is a subsidiary of The Champlain Telephone Company. The Champlain Telephone Company is a telephone company with over 100 years experience in the telecommunications industry.


PrimeLink’s goal from its inception was to enhance the economics of our area & improve the North Country’s quality of life and business climate.

Another major PrimeLink goal has been to empower and enable our customers to leverage the power of their voice and data services to help increase revenues, reach their customers, communicate more effectively and create operational efficiencies.


Over the years PrimeLink has opened the region to high-end technology communication services enabling businesses in our area to compete globally and amplify a trade presence in their industry.

Today, PrimeLink continues to expand its portfolio of services in order to keep our customers up to date with the latest in communication solutions. We currently serve a large percentage of the business facilities in the City of Plattsburgh. We are continually expanding and making every effort to help to transmit millions of online and voice transactions, growing with the economy and the commerce expansion of the North Country. We’re continuing to add service enhancements, product improvements and new solutions for our expanding base of customers.

From the beginning, PrimeLink customers have come to rely on us for exceptional customer service, knowledgeable technical support and reliable performance. We are proud to say that even through our growth and expansion we have not lost sight of the key to our success – our customers. Part of our commitment to our customer satisfaction is continuing to offer a LIVE and LOCAL voice when anyone calls to do business with us.


The PrimeLink Product Research Team is constantly looking to develop new products and services to better serve you. We have several projects currently in development that we are designing to further enhance your voice and data experience.

PrimeLink is pleased with the accomplishments made over the years and proud of our customer’s successes. Mostly we look forward to serving our customers many more years as we continue to innovate and to strengthen our leadership position.

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I wanted to express my gratitude for your efforts involved in getting fiber to our facility. It has been a very pleasurable experience, from the beginning.  It is evident that Primelink professionals are very happy performing the jobs that they do, caring about the company and the customer.  Thus far, we have interacted with a number of people from the company, whether it during a company introduction, contract discussion, scheduling, installation and integration, or even an impromptu visit by the President-every person we have met, talked and worked with, has demonstrated that Primelink is a company that truly is a partner for success!

Karen Pratt, Director, Washington County Information Technology
Fort Edward, NY